Guardian Announcement Higher Limits & More

Guardian is one of the many carriers that we use for Disability Insurance. They have recently made some significant changes to their issue limits.

1. Higher Maximum Issue & Participation Limits for the Medical Market

Effective immediately, Guardian has increased its Maximum Issue and Participation Limits.  Specifically, Guardian has increased its Maximum Issue Limit to $20,000 and its Maximum Participation Limit for the Medical Market to $30,000 as follows:

going over paperwork

2. Higher Disability Buy-Out (DBO) Limits

Effective immediately, Guardian has increased its Disability Buy-Out (DBO) Issue and Participation Limits for Businesses and Medical practices.  Specifically, they have increased its limits as follows:

  • $2,000,000 – 12-month Elimination Period (360 days)
  • $2,500,000 – 18-month Elimination Period (540 days)
  • $3,500,000 – 24-month Elimination Period (720 days)

3. Higher Group LTD Discount

Effective immediately, when applied-for individual coverage is being paid by the applicant, and the group coverage is employer-paid, Guardian will now discount the group by 30% (increased from 25%).

4. Retirement Protection Plus (RPP) Calculation Clarification

Clients may apply for a monthly RPP benefit of up to 15% of earned income (19% when the employer paid) without proof of retirement contributions.  Guardian will consider an RPP benefit up to 100% of current total employee and employer contributions (133% if the employer paid), not to exceed its Maximum RPP Issue Limits.  RPP is available over and above our Maximum Issue Limits based on Age and Occupation Class and our Issue and Participation Limit Tables based on Annual Earned Income.

5. Preferred Occupation Discount Clarification

The Preferred Occupation Discount is determined upon a Physician’s Board Certification with the American Board of Medical Specialties.  Those eligible for the discount are as follows:

  • All Board-Certified 4M Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Physicians with the exception of Cardiologists; and
  • All Board-Certified 3M Surgeons (Applicants must hold a Board Certification in either a surgical specialty or a surgical sub-specialty to be eligible) with the exception of Orthopedic Surgeons and Oral Surgeons