GSI Insurance for University of Missouri Residents and Fellows

NO Medical Underwriting - Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)

True Own-Occupation with Enhanced Medical Specialty

Portable Policy with a Permanent 20-30% Discount

If you're a resident or fellow at the University of Missouri, you can qualify for guaranteed standard issue (GSI) disability insurance from We make it simple and convenient to get the right coverage for you.

Available To Residents/Fellows At The Following Locations:

University of Missouri-Columbia Residency & Fellowship Programs include:

• University Hospital
• University Hospital
• Children's Hospital
• Women's Hospital
• Capital Region Medical Center
• Missouri Orthopaedic Institute
• Missouri Psychiatric Center
• Ellis Fischel Cancer Center
• Cosmopolitan International Diabetes and Endocrinology Center
• Missouri Center for Maternal/Fetal Medicine and Ultrasound
• Pediatric and Adolescent Specialty Clinic
• Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment

University of Missouri-Kansas City Residency & Fellowship Programs, including:

• Children's Mercy Kansas City
• Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
• University Health - Truman Medical Center (UH-TMC)
• University Health - Lakewood Medical Center (UH-LMC)
• University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
• Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute
• University Physician Associates Center for Behavioral Medicine (CBM)

What Is a GSI Policy?

GSI is an individual policy protecting physicians against income loss due to disability. These plans offer benefits equivalent to fully underwritten coverage with one key difference — GSI requires no underwriting medical review. Since there's no health history evaluation, preexisting medical conditions won't disqualify you.

University of Missouri GSI insurance is available to residents and fellows, with various riders to customize protection. Benefits go as high as $15,000 monthly, and the coverage is portable, non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable.

The GSI disability insurance plan for the University of Missouri, Mizzou and UMKC is available through Ameritas.

Why Consider GSI Disability Insurance?

GSI insurance for University of Missouri fellows and residents can supplement other disability coverage or be a stand-alone solution. It's especially valuable in financial protection for those with health histories that could cause disability and impact earnings potential. Coverage helps provide financial security if an illness or injury occurs.

How GSI Differs From Other Disability Insurance Options

Most individual disability insurance plans are fully underwritten, meaning the insurer reviews your health during the application process. That can include preexisting conditions, prescription history, major medical claims data, motor vehicle driving history, and any medical records or test results. The company will then approve or decline based on your overall risk assessment.

GSI disability insurance is an individual plan that requires no medical underwriting. It has similar features to other individual policies including true own occupation definition of total disability, portability, ability to increase benefits in the future with no additional medical underwriting, and guaranteed renewable and non-cancelable features. The differences with a GSI disability insurance policy are that there is no medical underwriting and coverage can only increase up to a $15,000 maximum monthly benefit.

Group disability insurance coverage, which is provided through employer benefits, often insures you from your hire date. However, this coverage has many limitations, such as an inferior definition of total disability, offset payouts if you receive other disability benefits, and no portability options — you lose the benefit once you change employers. It's often advisable not to rely solely on group LTD benefits because of these shortcomings.

When Should You Apply for GSI Insurance?

You will not be eligible for this Ameritas GSI disability insurance if the following statement is true:

“Applicants who have previously applied for individual disability insurance in the past 60 months which resulted in a modified offer, rating or exclusion, or withdrew a pending application for insurance are not eligible for the Ameritas GSI coverage.”

The ideal time to apply for GSI is as soon as possible. The application window ends 90 days after the completion of your fellowship or residency. However, the above qualification requirement means it's ideal to obtain this coverage before considering applying for any other disability insurance coverage. If you receive an offer with modifications from any fully underwritten application, this GSI plan will no longer be available.

Request a Free Quote on Your University of Missouri Disability Insurance Today is a trusted Ameritas disability insurance partner for University of Missouri physicians. Our fully licensed and independent agents are ready to help you find the solution that offers the protection you need at competitive prices.

Once you submit your information using the form below, we explore your coverage options. We'll present them to you during a phone consultation, taking the time to review and explain them so you can make an informed decision. You can also contact us directly to apply over the phone.

Program Highlights


Enhanced True Own-Occupation for Physicians!


Permanent Training Discounting

Future Increase Rider allowing you to increase up to a maximum $15,000 monthly benefit

Guaranteed Renewable and Noncancelable

No added exclusions for pre-existing conditions

No medical underwriting!

No lab testing or physical exams

High-risk lifestyle activities generally covered


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We are not affiliated with the listed institutions. We are an independent organization that hold exclusive offers from insurance companies to be able to offer this GSI option for residents and fellows at select institutions. This is not a group nor employer benefit as Guaranteed Standard Issue policies are individual and voluntary. 

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