April 23, 2018

Trust & Security

Your Trust is Our Priority

DrDisabilityQuotes.com understands that personal information (such as birth date or medical history) collected in the electronic process of requesting a quote for Disability Insurance or applying for Life Insurance. We are extremely careful with handling this confidential information and only collect what is needed to obtain the best disability insurance policy for you.

Our financial professionals are licensed in all 50 states and D.C.

Yes, we are legally licensed to sell insurance and give advice. We are real professionals with real licenses!

Our site is secured with an SSL Certificate.

An SSL creates a secure tunnel through which information including usernames, passwords, personal information and more can pass safely. All information passing to and from the website is scrambled by an encryption that’s virtually unbreakable by hackers! The below verification seal provides proof of our SSL secured site. If you click on the seal you it will bring you to the personalized Verification page by GoDaddy.

Our site has earned the McAfee SECURE certification.

The McAfee SECURE certification is found in the lower right hand side of the webpage. When clicked, the certification will indicate if there are any malware or malicious links, confirm a valid SSL Certificate and detect any Phishing. We take securing your credentials very seriously.