Disability Insurance for WellSpan Residents & Fellows

NO Medical Underwriting - Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)

True Own-Occupation with Enhanced Medical Specialty

Portable Policy with a Permanent 20-30% Discount

DrDisabilityQuotes.com is the exclusive agency offering Guardian's Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) Disability Insurance for all WellSpan residents and fellows. If you are a resident or fellow at one of the listed WellSpan locations, you have a unique opportunity to obtain individual disability insurance with no medical underwriting. This is available during your training and up to 90 days after completion of residency or fellowship. Please review the following information and submit your information through the quote request below. Our team is looking forward to assisting you further.

Available To Residents/Fellows At The Following Locations:

WellSpan York Hospital - York, PA
WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital - York, PA
WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital - Gettysburg, PA
WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital - Lebanon, PA

WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital - Ephrata, PA
WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital - Waynesboro, PA
WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital - Chambersburg, PA

What is the Difference Between Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI), Individual and Group Disability Insurance?

Group disability insurance is for employees or members of organizations with no customization options. It is coverage offered by employers, and often paid for by the employer, but it doesn't provide the ability to take the coverage with you if you change employers. Your residency or fellowship group policy from WellSpan will not stay with you when you change employers. The same will be true if you change employers as an attending physician. Group long-term disability coverage has plenty of shortfalls, including no True Own Occupation definition of total disability, benefits being taxable when collected, offset of benefits if collecting other sources of income while disabled - such as Social Security benefits or Workers' Compensation, and it is not Guaranteed Renewable or Noncancelable - meaning your employer can cancel or change the benefits offered at any time. However, all employees qualify for non-contributory group disability insurance since there is no underwriting.

Individual 'fully underwritten' disability insurance is customizable and offers portability and individual ownership of the policy. However, what makes most individual disability insurance 'fully underwritten' is that you will need to be approved through medical underwriting. When you apply for individual fully underwritten disability insurance, you could either be approved with no penalties, approved but with exclusions or other modifications, such as price increase or reduction of benefits, or declined and not offered a policy. However, even those with no major pre-existing conditions could receive a modified offer or denial for situations such as self-prescribing medication, recent medication changes, noncompliance with medical advice or treatment, etc.

Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) disability insurance aims to bridge the gap, while providing customization (though not to the extent of individual "fully underwritten" disability insurance). Similar to individual disability insurance, these plans are portable, Guaranteed Renewable, and NonCancelable, and have the strongest definition of total disability for physicians - True Own Occupation. This GSI option is available to all residents and fellows through DrDisabilityQuotes.com, exclusively at WellSpan. GSI is a great option if you're searching for individual disability insurance!

Who Qualifies For Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) Disability Insurance?

This GSI option is available to residents and fellows who have not been declined or given a modified offer of individual disability insurance through a carrier other than Guardian more than nine months after their hire date or in the past five years, whichever is shorter.

**Please note that even an exclusion for fully underwritten individual disability insurance is considered a modified offer!**

Why You Should Apply with GSI Before Any Fully Underwritten Disability Insurance?

GSI is available to all residents and fellows at your WellSpan location. However, as mentioned above, you will not qualify for the GSI option if you have received a denial or modified approval from any previous disability insurance application. Should you apply with another company before Guardian's GSI plan, it could prevent you from being eligible for this unique benefit moving forward. Applying with another company when you know a GSI offer exists is gambling with your financial future; it is never a good idea when there is an option with full benefits at your fingertips.

Program Highlights


Enhanced True Own-Occupation for Physicians!


Permanent Training Discounting up to 20-30%

Future Increase Rider allowing you to increase up to a maximum $15,000 monthly benefit

Guaranteed Renewable and NonCancelable

No added exclusions for pre-existing conditions

No medical underwriting!

No lab testing or physical exams

High-risk lifestyle activities generally covered


We are not affiliated with the listed institutions. We are an independent organization that hold exclusive offers from insurance companies to be able to offer this GSI option for residents and fellows at select institutions. This is not a group nor employer benefit as Guaranteed Standard Issue policies are individual and voluntary. 

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