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Why Physicians Need Disability Insurance

The process of becoming a doctor is rewarding in time but is an ultimate investment. You will train away for years on a limited salary and some may struggle under the weight of student loans. The financial rewards of putting in the time to become a specialized physician outweigh the few years of medical school, residency and even fellowship. This is only assuming you’re capable of working.

If you become injured or develop an unexpected medical condition that prevents you from physically being able to work, your financial obligations won’t just disappear. You will still be paying for student loans, the mortgage, trying to support your family and even expenses to live a normal lifestyle. Medical professionals are at a unique risk for this situation, especially physicians who specialize in procedures and interventional work. That is why Disability Insurance is highly important to be fully protected without depleting your savings account.

Understand the Process

We understand choosing the right disability insurance plan can be a time consuming and confusing process. That is why we have created an entirely interactive website which allows you to request a free quote from your living room couch! We will provide you quotes from the top insurance carriers within hours and you will be able to Compare, Select and Apply with the help of our Truly Independent physician insurance professionals!
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Request a disability insurance quote within seconds! We will shop your business with every major insurance carrier to create a True Own Occupation policy that best fits your needs – at the best possible rates with all applicable Discounts.

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One of our insurance professionals will contact you with your customized quotes. Compare your options and rates from the top disability insurance companies for physicians. Select the right policy for you.

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Our team specializes in True Own disability insurance for physicians. We will walk you through the application process, which depends on the disability insurance carrier selected. We will be right there with you at every step during the underwriting process to ensure the application process goes smoothly from start to finish.

Affordable Disability Insurance for Physicians and Dentists

10-30% Discounts for residents, fellows, and attending physicians!
Multi-life discounts for private physician practices!
True own occupation language protecting you in your specialty.

Get multiple quotes from all the top insurance carriers.


About Us

We are independent and unbiased ... but what does that mean?
Truly Independent

It is important to use independent, unbiased advisors and not salesmen directly employed by a disability insurance carrier. Physicians should not shop for a disability insurance policy solely based on the recommendation of anyone who represents only one company as they are biased and not looking at other options, which may be better for you and your specific life circumstances. As independent advisors, could shorten your research time by providing an unbiased analysis of your best options that is focused on finding the best company and policy for your unique situation.

We understand your time is valuable especially as medical professionals. That is why we've developed a way you could get custom free quotes, compare them with the top disability insurance carriers for physicians and submit an application in the comfort of their own homes! We will shop with every major insurance carrier to create a policy at the best possible rates with all applicable discounts.

We're skeptics too. Your trust is our priority and we ensure the safety of your personal information. Your information will only be used by your personal insurance agent and chosen insurance carrier.

  • Convenience

    You have the ultimate convenience of applying for Disability Insurance from the comfort of your own home. Just simply compare rates, select your plan and apply.

  • Premier Client Service

    From your initial quote request to case submission and underwriting, we will help you navigate the approval process. What sets us apart is that, after successfully purchasing the physician disability insurance policy, we further service and keep in touch with you on all your future options and rights for your customized policy. We don't only assist in protecting; We assist in Planning, Preparing and Protecting your financial assets.

  • Easy to Use

    Our quote request form is extremely easy to navigate and use. We only require the minimum amount of information to provide the most accurate disability insurance quotes possible!

  • Security and Trust

    We are real people! Our real insurance agents are working from Bloomfield, NJ and are licensed in all 50 states! This is an SSL Verified & Secured Website.

Management Team

Our Management Team, composed of Licensed Insurance Specialists, ensure you get your customized Physician Disability Insurance policies as soon as possible.
Iveta Hedvig
Iveta Hedvig
Senior VP
Iveta has her Masters in Chemical Engineering and has utilized her astute analytical and technical skills in underwriting various options and implementing successful insurance plans.
Bob Bhayani
Bob Bhayani
Managing Partner
Bob Bhayani has achieved MDRT – Top of the Table, Disability Inner Circle, Chairman’s and President’s Council among many other accomplishments. Bob is also a member of Financial Planners Association and operates his practice which is Better Business Bureau Accredited.
Adam Zalewski
Adam Zalewski
Vice President
Adam Zalewski has his BS in Accounting & Finance, MS in Professional Accounting and is a licensed life and disability specialist. Adam started his career as a public accountant for the “Big Four” but later turned to the insurance industry to pursue his passion in helping physician families maintain their standard of living in times of need.


How much disability insurance do I need?

You need enough coverage to provide you with sufficient income to live on until you are able to return to work or receive other financial resources (retirement, social security, etc.). The benefits you purchase through a Disability policy is quoted as monthly income that you receive if disabled. Consider your monthly income after taxes, now and in the future, as the base amount you would need. In addition to the monthly amount, an individual needs to consider the length of time you want to collect benefits, and when you would need them to begin.

If I have medical problems, can I still buy coverage?

Yes, but it depends on the type and severity of the medical problems. The insurance company can utilize 3 options:

  • Charge a higher premium for the policy
  • Exclude the condition from the policy
  • Decline insurance altogether
What are disability benefits and why are they important?

Disability benefits help protect and replace income if you become disabled. It provides benefits that replace a major portion of your salary if you’re out of work due to a qualified illness or injury.

You can use the benefits to help pay for housing or any of your usual expenses — things you might have to cut back on or pay for with savings if you are unable to earn.

What factors relate to the cost of Disability Insurance?

1.The type of disability contract: A “non-cancelable” disability contract guarantees that a company cannot cancel a policy or change the rates, as long as you continue to pay the premiums on time. A “guaranteed renewable” disability policy guarantees that the terms of your policy can’t be changed, however premiums may be changed after a certain period (generally 2 to 3 years) and only if the change applies to all policies with similar benefits in your risk class. A third type of contract, often called an “optionally renewable” disability policy, is one that can be canceled by the company at renewal time, and may require you to have periodic physical exams. The contract that guarantees the most generally demands a higher premium.

2.The waiting period: You select the amount of time you will wait before you receive your first disability payment. Generally, the longer the waiting period, the lower the premiums. Typical waiting periods are 30, 60, 90, 180, 365, 730 days.

3.The benefit amount: The amount of monthly benefit you apply for directly relates to your premium. Generally, the higher the benefit, the higher the premium.

4.The benefit period: The maximum length of time benefits will be paid. Your choices are typically 2 years, 5 years or to your normal retirement age. Generally, the longer the benefit period, the higher the premium.

5.Your current health status and medical history: If you have a current health issue or previous injury, you may still qualify. An underwriter looks at each individual application and determines the risk factor. Some pre-existing conditions may be accepted with an exclusion amendment added to your policy (i.e.- a previous knee injury).

What is a Catastrophic Rider?

This rider can provide a monthly benefit in addition to any other disability benefit payments under the policy if you are catastrophically disabled:

  • Unable to perform two or more of the activities of daily living without human standby assistance; or
  • Cognitively impaired; or
  • Irrecoverably disabled
What is underwriting?

Underwriting is the process by which an Insurance Company examines, accepts, or rejects insurance risks so as to charge the proper premium for the coverage. The insurance company will review:

Current Insurance Physical
Past medical history (physicians seen, medication taken)
Financial records (pay stub/tax returns – to justify the disability amount applied for)
Telephone Interview

Who needs disability insurance and when is the best time to buy?

Everyone needs some kind of coverage, which will replace most of their Income in case they cannot work due to disability. When people without Disability Insurance become disabled, Income stops or is reduced, and savings are drained. Some exceptions are those with high levels of investment income, students, or individuals whose spouse continues to provide enough income to cover expenses.

The best time to buy Disability Insurance is when you are young, in training and in good health. This is because eligibility and premium rates are based on your age and how healthy you are. You should buy sooner rather than later as our health tends to deteriorate as we get older.


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