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Portable Policy with a Permanent 20-30% Discount is proud to be one of the exclusive disability insurance agencies offering Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) disability insurance for residents and fellows at the following programs:

Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance

Guaranteed Standard Issue, or GSI, is private, individual disability insurance for physicians issued regardless of their health history. It offers similar benefits as fully underwritten policies without a medical review. As a result, even providers with health concerns or preexisting conditions can qualify.

Other factors that distinguish GSI include:

  • Availability only for fellows and residents.
  • A maximum disability benefit cap of $15,000 per month.
  • Plans that are portable, non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable.
  • A major advantage — no medical underwriting requirement.

The Difference Between GSI and Other Disability Insurance Coverage

Long-term disability insurance benefits are often available through employer-sponsored plans, but most physicians purchase an individual disability insurance policy on their own. Understanding the differences can help you make the best coverage decision for you.

Group disability plans frequently require no application nor medical approval since you begin coverage when you first join the employer. However, several limitations exist, including:

  • You do not own the policy, so you will lose the coverage if you change jobs. Employers can also change the benefits or cancel the group plan altogether.
  • Plan language often lacks a total disability definition of true own occupation.
  • If you are disabled and collecting income from other sources, such as other employment, Social Security or workers' compensation, the group insurer will offset your benefit by those amounts.
  • Benefits are taxable if your employer pays for the coverage.

Non-GSI individual disability policies for physicians provide the protection you need without the drawbacks of group insurance plans. However, qualifying for most private policies requires a rigorous medical underwriting process for the insurance company to determine whether to offer coverage based on your health history. Advantages of fully underwritten disability insurance include:

  • You own the policy. Coverage will continue even if you change employers.
  • Policies are guaranteed renewable and non-cancelable. The insurance company cannot change your plan's premiums, definitions or provisions and cannot cancel your coverage as long as you continue paying the premiums.
  • True own occupation definition of total disability lets you collect disability benefits if you cannot perform the duties of your specialty, even if you have gainful employment in another occupation or specialty while disabled.
  • Tax-free benefits
  • Customization of benefits and riders to fit your needs.

So, where does GSI come in? GSI is an individual disability policy you can get without any review of preexisting conditions or health history! GSI disability insurance will allow you to increase the coverage up to $15,000 per month, covering your attending income even if you have finished your training at the exclusive institution.

Importance of Disability Insurance for Preexisting Conditions

GSI is ideal for fellows and residents who may have difficulty obtaining coverage due to preexisting health conditions or medical concerns since qualification isn't dependent on health history. Applying is simple and securing coverage is faster because there's no lengthy medical review required in underwriting.

When Should You Get GSI Disability Insurance?

Eligibility for GSI disability insurance will differ between each insurance company offering the exclusive GSI coverage. However, GSI plans often require applicants to meet the following criteria on the date they sign the application:

  • On track to complete the selected residency or fellowship program and apply BEFORE the 90th day after training at the exclusive institution.
  • Continuous full-time work (at least 30 hours per week) for the past six months.
  • Not currently disabled and/or collecting disability benefits from any source.
  • Not in receipt of any modified approval or a decline by another disability insurance carrier within a certain time frame. This period varies by insurer — please see our pages for your specific institution.

While GSI is disability insurance that covers preexisting conditions, the policies contain an exclusion clause. These plans won't cover any disabilities resulting from a preexisting condition for the policy's first one to two years.

Due to the qualification requirements and the preexisting condition clause, it's best to apply for your GSI policy as soon as you learn of its availability. Although you are still in residency or fellowship, you can pay less to secure the GSI coverage. You retain the right to increase protection as your earnings grow, up to a maximum $15,000 monthly benefit.

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Program Highlights


Enhanced True Own-Occupation for Physicians!


Permanent Training Discounting up to 20-30%

Future Increase Rider allowing you to increase up to a maximum $15,000 monthly benefit

Guaranteed Renewable and NonCancelable

No added exclusions for pre-existing conditions

No medical underwriting!

No lab testing or physical exams

High-risk lifestyle activities generally covered


We are not affiliated with the listed institutions. We are an independent organization that hold exclusive offers from insurance companies to be able to offer this GSI option for residents and fellows at select institutions. This is not a group nor employer benefit as Guaranteed Standard Issue policies are individual and voluntary.

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