Principal Disability Changes | Dr. Disability Quotes

The following changes are effective Monday, February 6, 2017:

These Changes will not affect any existing policies inforce.

Several occupations are re-classified for all disability products:

  • 5A: Pharmacists
  • 4A-M: Nurse Practitioners
  • 3A-M:
    • Dentists and dental specialties
    • OB/GYNs
    • Surgeons (general, plastic and orthopedic)
    • Pain management physicians
    • CRNAs

All 3A-M occupations now qualify for the Regular Occupation rider.

Individual DI maximum issue and participation (I&P) limits for all “-M occupations” change:

For ages 18-55

  • Issue limit: $17,000.1
  • Participation limit with other individual disability coverage: $25,000.
  • Participation limit with other group disability coverage: $30,000.

For ages 56 to 60:

  • The issue and participation limits are $17,000.

For ages 61+:

  • The issue and participation limits are $10,000.

The 10% Affiliation Discount2 (sex-distinct rates) will now be used for Medical and Dental Residency Programs with three or more lives (new and existing cases). The 20% Multi-life Discount (unisex rates) is no longer available for these programs.

For medical and dental occupations we will take group disability coverage into account when determining benefits once they enter private practice.

The Select Professional limit is $6,500/month for anesthesiologists and emergency medicine occupations.

1 – The Future Benefit Increase (FBI) limit for 3A-M is now $14,000.
2 – This is a sex-distinct discount. If the Affiliation Discount is not approved in state written, the Association Discount is used. This applies to new programs and any existing programs when new residents and students are being added. Contact us for any additional information.