Unisex Rates with Principal are Gone | Dr. Disability Quotes

Principal has made a major announcement regarding changes to the Principal Individual Disability Income insurance product (HH750) effective January 1, 2021.

  1. Gender-specific rates will be used for fully underwritten multi-life cases for healthcare-related occupation. This includes physicians, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, and all other healthcare-related occupations. Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) cases will continue to be based on gender-neutral (unisex) rates, except for Resident GSI cases, which will be issued on a gender-specific basis. Please note: Gender Neutral (Unisex) rates were only available for Attending Physicians at select institutions and will no longer be available Jan 1, 2021. Residents and Fellows still do not qualify for unisex discounting.
  2. The Mental/Nervous & Substance Abuse Disorders Limitation Rider will be required for any new case where New York is the written or resident state – or for any Pharmacist in any state. The Limitation requirements for other states and occupations will remain unchanged.
  3. Select Professional Limits will be increased for graduating residents in 2021. Limit for M.D. and D.O. physicians and doctor specialists, except for psychiatrists and podiatrists, increases from $6,500 to $7,500 – for attendings within first 2 years of practice or residents/fellows within 180 days of last year of training. Limits for general dentists within the first 2 years of practice will increase from $5,000 to $6,000.
  4. A new Select Occupation discount of 10% will be available for the following: Pediatricians and OB-GYNs. If a Pediatrician or OB-GYN also gets Multi-Life discounts with the mental nervous limitation discount, this could result in total discounting of about 40%!


To get a policy issued with 2020 pricing and guidelines (pre-Jan 1, 2021 changes), an application must be signed by December 31, 2020. Applications still in underwriting or issued but not in-force as of Jan 1, 2021 can be considered for the pre-Jan 1, 2021 pricing and guidelines.


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