Ameritas Changes for General Dentists – Effective March 1, 2022

Effective March 1st, 2022, Ameritas is making underwriting and product changes for DInamic Foundation individual disability income policies, for all General Dentists.


General Dentist Applications received after March 1st, 2022 will receive the new occupation class of 3M. Any applications received before March 1st, 2022 will still be classified as 4M.

    • • General Dentists will be reclassified from an occupation class of 4M to 3M.
    • • Discounts will continue to be unavailable for all General Dentists.
      • Allowing up to $10,000 monthly benefit without lab testing requirements (mini-exam)
      • Max Definition of Total Disability Available: 5 Year Own Occupation & then Not Working

1. Application Requirements – Applies to all specialties, Effective Immediately

Medical Requirements
Ages Benefit Requirements
18-50 Up to $10,000 TUI*
$10,001+ TUI, mini-exam**
51-64 Up to $6,000 TUI*
$6,001+ TUI, mini-exam**
*Teleunderwriting Interview (TUI). Medical questions through a phone interview.
**Mini-exam includes blood, urine, height, weight, blood pressure and pulse readings.

2. Issue & Participation Limits -Applies to Below Occupation Classes, Effective Immediately

The maximum individual and employer paid issue limits have increased for the occupational classes noted below. The changes are in red below. Please note, for 3M occupation class the maximum issue limit is $10,000.

Ages Maximum Issue Limits Maximum Participation
Individual Pay Employer Pay With Other IDI With Group LTD
6M, 5M, 4M 18-55 56-60 $30,000 $17,000 $30,000 $17,000 $30,000 $35,000

Ages 61+: $10,000 maximum issue limit

3. Occupational Class Changes – Effective March 1 st, 2022

General Dentists will be temporarily reclassified from “4M” to a “3M” occupational class, inclusive of all associated 3M parameters (i.e., available definitions of total disability, I&P limits, etc.). Discounts will continue to be unavailable. These changes do not impact dentistry specialties.